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 on: 30 June 2009 à 11:54:27 
Started by GOK - Last post by Luteus Support

The on-line documentation has a chapter dedicated to the Watchdog program


Our documentation is also well indexed by google.
if you specify for keywords "Loriotpro something" you have good chances to find the "something" on our web site.
try with "loriotpro watchdog" for example.

Good luck

 on: 30 June 2009 à 10:57:39 
Started by GOK - Last post by GOK
I would like to configure my Loriot Pro installation with watchdog. I can not find the documentation explaining how to install it.
Thanks for your help.

 on: 03 May 2009 à 09:24:46 
Started by GOK - Last post by GOK

Thank you very much for your assistance.
I solved the probleme by using the ODBC Mysql driver 3.51
instead of the ODBC Mysql driver 5.1. There must be a conflict between Win server 2003, ODBC Mysql 5.1 and LoriotPro.

 on: 30 April 2009 à 14:43:07 
Started by GOK - Last post by Luteus Support
Test are oK on our side with the following setting on the release ci.
Realized on Windows XP.


As explain also in this document a trace of the ODBC would be good to see what 's happen in you case.

Verify that the database is well define too.

 on: 30 April 2009 à 14:38:41 
Started by Luteus Support - Last post by Luteus Support
Comment limiter l'envoi de SMS à une fréquence de reception d'event

Pour expliquer le principe nous avons un script lua qui génére 100 events

for var = 0, 100, 1 do 
   lp_value = 0;
   lp_buffer ="error";
if lp.SendEvent(  7000040,2,"","","Test - event/alarm 7000040 sent from LoriotPro with SMS Dispatch Manager") then
   lp_buffer ="ok";

Lire la suite


 on: 30 April 2009 à 10:26:05 
Started by GOK - Last post by Luteus Support
Could you send tu support@loriotpro.com the screen capture of the odbc config.

The screen capture of the popup that are displayed when it crashes. (if any)

We will setup a similar setting and try to reproduce your problem.

 on: 30 April 2009 à 09:43:17 
Started by GOK - Last post by Luteus Support

We are a little bit confuse with you description because the Process surveyor monitor processes and not services.

Its goal is to generate event when a process is missing (windows) our reach a specific state (Linuw x/unix)

If you copy the plugin in an active view you get the status of the plugin and not the status of the process that you monitor.

To get the status of the process in the active view you should monitor the counter of the event that are generated when the process state change.

You can read the following documentation example made with a trap but it is roughly the same principle.
The object in the active should read the event counter and on the retrun value you can change the color of the icon.

Another solution is to use the LUA scripting if you use an Extended Edition.
In that case you don’t need the Process surveyor plugin because you directly monitor the process from The active view object.

Read the following documentation to know how to launch a script from an active view object


The full scripting documentation


Here is an example of script that monitor process. It can be necessary to adapt it to your exact requirement.

-- Loriotpro V4
-- To run correctly this file is located to bin/config/script
-- Input values
-- lp_index index for this script ".1"
-- lp_oid SNMP OID for this script "ifnumber"
-- lp_host default ip address for this script ""
-- Output Values
   lp_value = 0;
   lp_buffer ="error";
-- dofile(lp.GetPath().."/config/script/loriotinit.lua");
ProcessList = {};
ProcessStatus = {}
ProcessList[1] = "snmp.exe"; ProcessStatus[1] = "stopped";
ProcessList[1] = "notepad.exe"; ProcessStatus[1] = "stopped";

--MibFileExist = lp.IsLoadedMIBRef("HOST-RESOURCE-MIB");

if  MibFileExist ~= nil then
lp.Trace("Host Resource MIB File not compiled\n");

lp_value = lp.GetRows(lp_host,"hrswrunname.0,hrswrunstatus","myArray");
if lp_value ~= nil then
lp.Trace(("return "..lp_value.." lines\n"));

for i=0 , (lp_value-1) do
      lp.Trace("line "..i.." with index "..myArray["I-"..i].."-");
       if (myArray["hrswrunname-"..i] ==  ProcessList[1]) then
            if(myArray["hrswrunstatus-"..i] ~= "running") then
                  ProcessStatus[1] = "stopped";                 
                  ProcessStatus[1] = "running";   


--ENvoie une alarme si un process de la list est manquant et not running
tblsize = table.getn(ProcessStatus);
for i=1 , tblsize do
            if ProcessStatus == "stopped" then
            alarm=string.format("WARNING Host : "..lp_host.." - Process : ".. ProcessList.." not running");
            evntnumber = 92000 + i;
                 lp.SendEvent( evntnumber,2,lp_host,"",alarm);


In the active view rule you can check the return value and change the color according to it.

 on: 29 April 2009 à 23:55:54 
Started by GOK - Last post by GOK
I have made an active view of a host that has 3 services running, and they are monitored with processsurveyor ( service changes to running = 2, service changes to not running = 4 ) I inserted them into the active view map with the Insert Child objects option.

Dynamic polling interval is 15 seconds, when I stop the services they go red for 15 sec then they go back to green even though the services has not been restarted.

What do i need to change so they stay red while the service is stopped?

 on: 29 April 2009 à 22:15:57 
Started by GOK - Last post by GOK
I have been following the documentation and I have not missed a step!!!!!!!
This is the thrid version of loiotpro I have installed and on two different systems!!!!!
And I keep getting the same error.
I have no problem connecting to the mysql database with the windows DataSources,
though when I try to connect with in LoriotPro it crashes.
user : root
pass : LP2009
base : localhost.

I would appreciate if ou could test this as I think it a probleme with the application.

 on: 28 April 2009 à 09:24:07 
Started by GOK - Last post by Admin
We have a complet procedure of setting with drivers that are older, but it should not be a problem

Check one more time that our recommandation and installation steps are well done.

Update LoriotPro to the latest version:


It is true that the software should not popup this kind of message and close.
If you have still the same behavior after this checking we will try to reproduce the problem but be sure that you have selected the same options when defining your odbc connector.

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